First Impressions Baby Clothes

First Impressions are a popular baby clothing brand by Koko Ashley. They own many outlets in the United States that specialize in baby clothing and accessories.

The company places a great emphasis on product quality and customer service. The clothes, which are meant for the newborn babies and the infants, are made from a variety of fine fabrics. Coupled with high quality designs and attention to detail, they make ideal baby gifts to newborns. Along with clothing, First Impressions also pride themselves in offering accessories for girls and boys, specializing in dresses for special occasions as well. The selection of clothing for a baby boy includes onesies, tops, bottoms, and shoes, while those for girls include dresses, and headgears as well.

NWT First Impressions baby girl 24 months top

NWT First Impressions baby girl 24 months top

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First Impressions Baby Clothing: Variety and Quality

Babies are no longer expected to be dressed in boring pastel pajamas, neither are the choices of parents any longer controlled by what is available at the local mart. These days, babies, just like adults, can also wear couture and boutique fashion. Some designers, who are popular for their adult outfits, have also launched collections for babies. For example, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Guess and Lily Pulitzer have done remarkably well in the baby clothing business. Such designer baby clothes are generally found in well-known departmental stores, such as Nordstromís, Macyís, and Lord and Taylor. Departmental stores also feature some other top brands that are being hugely appreciated for creating designer baby clothes, like First Impressions, Little Me, Greendog, Icky Baby, Flapdoodles, Little Bitty and Baby Nay.

Designers like First Impressions offer their customers separate catalogs and websites to make shopping easier. Now, therefore, customers can go through a vast collection of designs and styles before they decide on one. First Impressions baby clothing is the leader in this sort of organized business. It is among the few labels to come out with quite a lot of new lines every season. According to most customers, First impressions baby clothing offers good quality baby outfits that make children really comfortable. Parents find its collections sensitive and intelligent. As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and given the overwhelming response from parents and rising demand, First Impression baby clothing can obviously claim to be a winner. Run by Koko Ashley, First Impressions Baby Clothing stores offer clothing, learning items and bedding for kids aged 0 to 2T as well as products for pregnant mothers. You get to see a huge collection of baby clothes at, where you can choose from the following categories:

- Diapering
- Clothing
- Accessories
- Slings
- Bath
- Bedding
- Seating
- Toys/Learning
- Gear

Collections for baby boys by First Impression include tops, shoes, bottoms, and onesies. The company also offers a huge selection for baby girls featuring baby tops, dresses, bottoms, onesies, shoes, and headgear. In fact, the First Impression Baby Clothing store keeps updating constantly. According to the owners, they are planning to expand the range of products with an aim to include quite a few more lines in baby clothing, baby slings, educational items, baby toys, baby gear, nursing gear and accessories, maternity clothing and accessories, dad clothing and accessories, keepsakes and gifts, jewelry, and baby shower items, along with stationery items.

One of the big attractions of purchasing designer baby clothes is providing resale value to the customers. Baby clothes at lower costs are also readily available. But they donít have similar resale value. A customer may get back a couple of dollars or as little as 50 cents on an occasion like a garage sale, but as you pay more for certain designer clothes, you are surely making an investment, which may get your capital back in.