Embroidered Baby Clothes

Embroidered clothes are very popular nowadays. They are suitable and available for both baby boys and girls.

If you are looking for baby clothes to have a unique and elegant look, then this style of clothing could be the one you want. They are suitable for every day wear or special occasion and most of them are handmade with careful considerations to quality and designs.

Second Step Infant Embroidered Girls Red Zip Up Sweater 12M

Second Step Infant Embroidered Girls Red Zip Up Sweater 12M

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The Basics of Embroidered Baby Clothes

Embroidered baby clothes are not only great gifts for babies but also for expecting mothers! These handcrafted, personalized baby clothes are a great way to welcome your little bundle of joy to your world. From comfortable neck sweaters to stylish baby sweat suits, embroidered baby clothes make your baby truly stand out from a crowd. So whether you want to make him wear his name proud literally, his initials, or even a funny line to adorn his front roll neck sweater, embroidered baby clothes are their best way to wear a fashion statement.

Baby Clothing Basics

Embroidered baby clothing makes perfect gift for newborn babies and up. There are loads of online and even local embroidery stores that offer the same customization services. With so many options, which will you choose? We put up a little list of baby clothing basics that you need to get familiar with to make shopping – both online and at your favorite mall – for embroidered baby clothes a breeze.

Features To Check

It would be not be easy getting away from those adorable sundresses, mini Levi’s, and those rompers that come in unbelievable color. But shopping for your baby clothes should be limit to the basics. Sticking to the plan does not only help you stay within your budget, but also saves you enough cash to personalize these baby items. Your checklist should have these words right on top of it: safety, softness, durability, and easy to pull-on literally. For tops, babies dislike anything that requires pulling over their head; so check for items that have side-snap and front-opening. Forget of the cutesy buttons, go for something with snaps. And for a quick diaper change, you need something that has elastic waist bands or snap-open legs design. Velcro closures are really a must-have.

Comfort. Never choose style over comfort, especially when it comes to your baby. Check the insides of the garments that you are going to choose. They shouldn’t have anything sticking on it that may irritate your baby’s skin. The item should be smooth and lie flat. They may cute to women’s clothing but elastic bands on the neck, arms, legs, or waist will just irritate your baby. Appliques, zippers, and rough snaps are major DON’T to baby clothing. All these boundaries do not mean that your baby will look bland. Durable and well-attached buttons and sequins can add a little texture to your baby basics. But they are choking hazards, so make sure that you give it a quick tug before bringing it to the counter.

Fabric. Check the label for care instructions and, of course, fiber content. Cotton blends or polyester are affordable and doesn’t shrink when washed. Avoid as much as possible semitransparent garments or those that use thin materials. All-cotton knits do look good at first, but they are also known for shrinking as much as 10% just on the third wash.

Popular Items

If you are planning to personalize your baby’s wardrobe, sticking on these basics can help you save enough notes to have embroidered baby clothes.

The basics include T-shirts, undershirt, booties (forget about the shoes), a light jacket, and a daytime outfit. Preparing him for snooze just require a flame-resistant, snug-fit cotton item. For the winter, a thick snowsuit and a comfy knit hat are all your baby needs to keep warm. To prep him up for the summer, make sure that you buy your baby a brimmed hat to keep him shielded from the sun.