Personalized Baby Clothes

Personalized clothes allow you to dress your baby boy or girl, so that they stand out from the crowd easily. Everyone is different and now with personalized clothes also for babies, they can too, be unique.

The clothes make great baby gifts as the baby's name can be printed on a large range of baby wear including - T-shirts and baby suits, creating a one-of-a-kind experience.

Ways and Tips to Personalize Baby Clothes

There are many things that mom has to prepare for when expecting for her first newborn. Even if her schedule may be rim-full, one of the things that mommies would love to spend time with is shopping for her baby, especially when it comes to the clothing department. But what if you are on a budget? Do you have to bear the sight of your baby wearing simple or, worse, bland outfits? Good news. With a little tweaking, you can turn simplicity into super cute outfits. Now you can personalize baby clothes with options almost unimaginable. Read on to know more about how to personalize without splurging a fortune.

One of the best things about welcoming your little bundle of joy is that everyone is excited as you are. And they may give almost everything that you and your baby need – including baby clothes. They may not be some designer items, but you can still make sure that your baby can look smashing. Here’s a list of some shopping secrets that we can’t resist to spill.

Wait for major sale. From catalogs to online retailers, sales are almost everywhere. Remember, your baby will grow faster than you think. Just personlize the necessary items, especially if you had received a major stock of baby clothes during the shower.

Use used items. If you had never shopped for pre-owned items, this will be a good time to start. Shopping for used items can fuel your creativity to personalize baby clothes. Babies grow fast, especially in few short weeks, so if you had seen a sale for pre-owned newborns, chances are you’ll find something that had been used only once.

Have a baby shower. Your friends may have given you a gold mine there. If you had generous friends, you may particularly ask for 6 month-old clothing, you wouldn’t expect it, but your baby will fit into this size faster than you think. To personalize efficiently, make sure that you have the basics that will get you and your baby for at least a year. Ask your parents, aunts, and even your grandmothers to attend your baby shower. In this way, you can be assured that they will get you what you and your baby need, given that they understand how fast babies grow.

How to Personalize Baby Clothes

Buy the essentials, that is, if you didn’t receive them during the baby shower. Essentially, you need only three types of baby clothes: a comfortable daywear, baby-safe sleepwear, and simple outing items. Another thing that you need check is the size of the baby clothes. Make sure that you’ll be getting the correct item in the right size. A simple formula: double your baby’s age, says Vivian Reisman of Baby Steps.

Organize a party. If you are not so much of an artist, it would be fun to call your girlfriends, mom, and even grandmother to help you personalize baby clothes in a party. Have your best friends and family come over to help you design baby clothes. Call in a local silk screen shop and ask if they can send over a staff to help you with T-shirts and even onesies. Monogrammed letters and even names can be done with the help of your mom or a girlfriend that knows this craft.