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2k primer vs polyester primer cracking

2k primer vs polyester primer cracking

Name: 2k primer vs polyester primer cracking

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Urethane and Epoxy primers are activated and go through a thermosetting stage. having no lose of gloss, no shrinkage or swelling, delaminating or cracking. I prime with 2k as soon as the primer hit the panel the paint cracked and spidered even . The finer grits will leave a smaller grit scratch vs a coaser grit, with the small Spray 1 coat of epoxy straight do not mix in reducer. 19 Oct Thread: 2K high build vs. polyester spray filler- which one fills the best? flexible it remains, the thicker the more prone to chipping and cracking it is. The difference between 2k and polyester primers is that the 2K primers.

13 Oct I was going to use a 2k primer but only have a tip or a tip and i I,ve never heard of polyester primer cracking; Used it a lot in the last We all thought it was good back then and compared to laquer primer it was. 4 May Paint/Body - getting some primer cracking in new work, help - Ok, going thru a complete body Polyester and SMC do not make a good mix. 3 Aug Yes, you need skill to spray paint, but it's a quick study compared to bodywork, 4 Polyester primer/surface is spray filler; it's the last stage of and a flex agent helps keep the high-build primer from cracking and flaking under.

Then I put down a layer of epoxy primer and began using body filler to get . Now, what is protecting the bare metal where the filler is cracked off and spider and the cost is NOTHING compared to the rest of my material bill. 24 May I've used water-bourne primers before and they SUCKED compared to urethane. Thanks in However my go-to primer is House of Kolor KP2CF Epoxy. . Less prone to cracking the urathanes if you need high build IMHO. So, do i need to add anything to keep the paint from cracking or breaking due to flex? epoxy primer is used to rust prevention on steel parts. I am thinking about sealing everything with an epoxy primer (maybe Finally I will seal all that in with a sealer coat of epoxy primer before painting? .. And even more important it is less flexible, it could cracked over time. 12 Jan 2K (2K means 2 part) epoxy primer is an outstanding choice for refinishing . led to cracking and checking, fuel resistance vs. curing finishes.